Wii-kly VC Update

Posted May 14th, 2007 by Dasme

Well it looks like the VC will start your week out with a hearty dose of Ninjas and pills! This week brings us 2 NES games and one TG16 game, also 2 Ninja games and one with a pudgy pill popper who is afraid of ghosts. Without a doubt the star this week will be Ninja Gaiden for the NES. This is an old favorite of mine, and I cannot wait to dig into the side scrolling "This Ninja will Kill yah!" adventures of Ryu Hayabusa again.

If that isn't enough Ninja goodness for you, Ninja Spirit is right there waiting for you. Ninja Spirit is also a sidescrolling Ninja platformer that sadly didn't get the love it deserved, it's fairly decent though so check it out if you need 2 doses of Ninja goodness.

Finally, if Ninjas aren't your thing you can always download Pac-Man for the NES. This is a fairly accurate port from the arcade classic, and will surely give you hours of Pac-Man pill popping pleasure. That is unless you decide to wait for one of the plethora of Namco Museum titles that are sure to follow.

By the looks of things we missed a news post last week... doh! For those who weren't aware last week's VC releases were Final Fight, Mighty Bomb Jack and Ordyne.

There is plenty of gaming out there waiting for you, be sure to let us know what games you've downloaded and enjoy!

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