Wii-kly VC Update

Posted March 12th, 2007 by Dasme

It's Monday morning and you know what that means... NEW VC TITLES! Nintendo has just sent out the press release detailing what games we will be getting today and there are some surprises there. First up we have Tecmo Bowl for the NES. This is an old school favorite of mine, and one that I'm sure to pick up for nostalgia's sake. For those who don't know Tecmo Bowl was an incredibly simple football game for the NES. You had minimal choices in plays, and non-licenced teams, but that didn't stop the game from being a blast! I can remember spending rainy Saturdays with my friends playing us some Tecmo.

Also this week is Sonic Spinball from SEGA for the Genesis and Double Dungeons for the TG-16. No matter how you look at it, there is something for everyone in this week's update. So get out there and enjoy your VC titles!

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