Wii-kly VC Update

Posted April 23, 2007 by MitchyD

Well, well well, it's that time again! Virtual Console Monday for the week of April 23rd has dawned, and you can now boot up your slick white Wii and download Battle Lode Runner for your Virtual Turo-Grafx 16. This game was previously only available in the Land of the Rising Sun, so I hope this is a surefire sign that we'll be getting more old games coming stateside. Along with that you can pick up the really cool looking Genesis title, Wonderboy in Monster World, a hack'n'slash RPG abundant with upgrades and the like. Along with these you could also pick up Gradius 3 today for the Super Nintendo. Everyone loves some good sidescrollin' space shooters. Overall it's a really good week, so you might want to consider buying some more points.

Enjoy your games this week everyone, and play safe!

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  1. Duy says:

    I was actually hoping for gradius 2=/. kind of confused on why they went from Gradius 1 to 3.

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