The Last Blade from Neo-Geo

Posted June 8th, 2012 by PoRtCuLLiS

Looks like Nintendo hasn't completely given up on the Wii Virtual Console just yet! Fans of fighting games from the 90s can bask in The Last Blade from SNK, downloadable in the US as of today.

Some other VC-related news has also surfaced from the E3 expo in Los Angeles. When the Wii U console eventually comes out, you'll be able to transfer your existing Virtual Console games onto it! Let the good times roll.

4 Responses to "The Last Blade from Neo-Geo"

  1. HULK says:

    Man how many fighting games did the Neo Geo have exactly? The whole thing is brawlers and ninjas.

  2. PHiRE says:

    That's great news about not losing our VC games when the Wii you hits. Some of its lineup is looking amazing- Pikmin 3, New Mario, even Mass Effect 3.

  3. rumando says:

    I heard virtual console games won't look good on a hd console, is that true at all?

  4. Cawdon says:

    It's correct that older games were designed to work on CRTs and tend to look bad on newer flatscreen TVs. You might experience flickering or other small kinds of glitches. They're still perfectly playable of course, but purists might not be happy.

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