Wii-kly VC Update

Posted June 18th, 2007 by Dasme

It's Monday, and you know what that means, Virtual Console release day! This week's update brings us 2 TurboGrafx-16 games to make up for no showing last week, and a single solitary NES title.

For our NES release this week we have NES Open Tournament Golf just in time for Father's Day (well, almost). Take on the role of Mario or Luigi and hit the links in this sequel to the classic game Golf. I have many fond memories playing this game with my friends growing up. It's simple, but engaging enough to make it fun. Well worth the 500 points if you enjoy arcadey golf games in my opinion.

Up next is a pair of TurboGrafx-16 games, World Sports Competition and Bloody Wolf. First off World Sports takes you to the Olympics where you can compete in 18 Olympic games. Events like Archery, Rowing, Track events and the Javelin will keep you busy as you aim for the gold medals.

Our second release on the TG16 is Bloody Wolf. Take on the role of a commando and battle through the side scrolling stages in your attempt to rescue the president. I'm a sucker for these side scrolling shooters, and I will finally have my chance to play this one seeing as I missed it the first time out.

So this was not a bad week for VC games, but one has to ask... where are our N64 games, Nintendo?

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  1. BJ Wanlund says:

    Hey, NES Open! I have some memories regarding that game, but I do not want to go into detail right now.

    But, on the topic of N64 games, I have to think that since people screamed their heads off about the f**ked-up save systems in Kid Icarus and Mario Kart 64 (AND no rumble, AND no Controller-Pak saving, yada, yada, f**k me out the door), my guess is that they're holding off until they can do all those things right inside the emulation system before they release more (and maybe we could get decent Transfer Pak emulation thrown in there for good measure).

    Those are my (rambling idiot-esque) thoughts, Lloyd. Don't mind me.

  2. Of Crazed says:

    I never heard of NES open, but it looks pretty cool! I'm just not a fan of dated sports games. I'm going to give a pass on every game released this week, at least it all seems to be quality.

  3. Brian says:

    I still want Pilotwings!

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