Wii-kly VC Update

Posted July 9th, 2007 by Dasme

Happy Monday everybody! We have another WiiVCDb Virtual Console update for you to peruse. This week's update brings us two NES titles and one TG16 title.

Lets start with the TG16 entry, Air Zonk is a sequel of sorts to the Bonk series of games. This title brings us an EXTREME version of the lovable Bonk character named, you guessed it, Zonk. This new mascot was a sign of the times, and probably a direct result of the popularity of the edgier Sonic character in relation to Mario. Anyways, Air Zonk is a side scrolling shooter this go around, straying away from the platforming of the earlier titles. It's a decent game to check out, if only to see how mascots have changed through time as marketing took a stronger hold in the games industry.

For our NES releases this week we have Mach Rider and Mario & Yoshi (aka just Yoshi). Mach Rider is a very forgettable early motorcycle racing game, and Yoshi is a puzzle game featuring the lovable dino mascot that shares the name of the game. I have fond memories of playing Yoshi way back when it was released and will probably check it out for nostalgia's sake, but this is far from a great puzzle game :)

So this week Nintendo brought us a collection of more obscure titles, I'm hoping that they have some triple A titles for us coming down the pipe. I guess I've been spoiled with the great releases of the past couple of weeks!

Enjoy your week, we'll talk again next Monday.

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