Wii-kly VC Update

Posted February 19th, 2007 by Dasme

This week's VC update brings us 4 new titles to the Virtual Console. First up is Donkey Kong Country, this Rareware title made a huge splash due to its use of raytraced sprites instead of the more common flat pixel art based ones. People ooh'd and ahhh'd at the graphics, although the effect was a parlour trick.

In the end this title turned out to be a decent, if not a bit too simplistic, platformer and is worth a play through if you haven't done so already. Also showing up today is a title from one of my favorite series of games, New Adventure Island! Also a side scrolling platformer this Adventure Island has you running, skateboarding and axe tossing your way to save your beloved princess. If that's not the plot of a good platformer, I don't know what is!

You can pick up Streets of Rage and The Legend of Kage as well if you are into beat-em up style games. Streets of Rage being the better of the two.

It's a strange thing to see a new game on all the major VC channels (save the N64 sadly), let's hope this keeps up!

5 Responses to "Wii-kly VC Update"

  1. chris says:

    How did you figure this out before release time?

    I know it may go up before the day is out, but DKC didn't come out today.

  2. Dasme says:

    Nintendo releases a press release every Monday morning informing us what will be out that day. All the titles should be up soon, I believe they hit the VC Store at 9am PST.

  3. orange says:

    You really ought to post a link to their press release, then. Donkey Kong Country has not been released as of 9am PST.

  4. Dasme says:

    Well, we can only go on what Nintendo tells us :) If it's not up yet, I'm sure it will make it up soon.

  5. abeisgreat says:

    Yey DK!

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